July 19, 2004

Give me my day back!

Well, we're on our way home. We re-crossed the international dateline en route to Hawaii, our Pacific stopover before we reach Ottawa. In the process, we had the pleasure of living through two July 15ths and two July 16ths, as we got the day back that we lost on our way over.

We also managed to take procrastination to a wholly remarkable new level. We booked our Hawaii accommodation after the day we were due to arrive in Hawaii. On July 16, we booked a hostel for July 15. We're thinking about opening a travel agency that specializes in such time-bending travel needs.

In any case, first we have to get back home. We'll be touching down in Ottawa tomorrow (July 20). But don't worry! With a backlog of 1000s of pictures and countless stories, we'll continue to update our travel blog for the next few weeks until we catch up and bring our Down Under work and holiday adventure to an end.

What do you have to look forward to? Keep checking back for ...

  • Trees worth saving in Tasmania
  • Life of (Uncle) Brian
  • Pretty fishies at the Great Barrier Reef
  • More kangaroos than you could shake a stick at
  • The Blue Mountains (they're really blue!)
  • Dispatches from the Alice Springs Telegraph Station and the Red Centre
  • Some general thoughts about Australia
  • Our trip home via The Aloha State

As always, thanks for reading. We'll see some of you soon! :)

Oh yeah ... one more thing. I am a packing GENIUS. ;)

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July 09, 2004

Into the Red Centre

Having pulled off several work-related minor miracles (which mostly involved managing to write reports with nowhere to work but at a Starbucks that closed at 9pm), we are headed off for our final Australian adventure. We'll be doing a whirlwind visit to Alice Springs, Uluru (aka Ayer's Rock), and various other parks in the area. Hopefully highlights will include watching the setting sun turn Uluru dark red, hanging out with (huge) red kangaroos and rock wallabies, and going for some tramps.

Pictures to follow soon (both from this trip, and catching up on the older pictures that haven't actually been posted yet.)

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July 02, 2004

"Greece is not going to sleep tonight ..." and neither is Australia, apparently

Canberra is typically quiet, as far as I can tell, but much of Australia is not so this morning:

Soccer fans take over streets

CELEBRATIONS by Greek soccer fans were causing chaos in Sydney and Melbourne this morning after Greece defeated the Czech Republic in the semi-final of Euro 2004.

Rowdy fans had blocked parts of Enmore Road in the inner Sydney suburb of Enmore, as well as a section of Norton Street in nearby Leichhardt.

Waving flags, dancing and chanting in celebration, thousands of Greek supporters poured into the streets after watching Greece defeat the Czech Republic 1-0 in extra time.

In Melbourne, hundreds of Greeks joined celebrations in Lonsdale Street, a Greek haunt in the city centre, where hundreds of fans cried, screamed, burned flares and let off fireworks.

Police blocked off Lonsdale Street between Russell and Swanston streets and fire crews were on stand-by nearby.

However, the celebrations so far have been without incident. [...]

And from another article ...

The 2500 people who poured out of the club at the end of the game had been in good spirits, she said.

They welcomed police who arrived on the scene in blue and white cars, the Greek colours, as extra patriotic support.

Meanwhile, back at the source of Australia's massive Greek population (this from Melbourne's The Age) ...

Complete strangers fell into each other's arms, car horns reverberated on the streets and fireworks crossed the Athens sky as Greece's soccer team exceeded its wildest expectations today and qualified for the final of Euro 2004.


"There's no sleep until the final is over on Sunday," Poulios said before jumping into his car to go to Athens central Omonoia square, the city's traditional place of celebration.


In a first for Greece, municipalities across the country had put up giant screens in central squares, some of them even on beaches, so people could watch the match taking place in Oporto.

The game threw all schedules into disarray. Some cinemas simply dumped Hollywood blockbusters and showed the football instead.

Ukrainian Eurovision song contest winner Ruslana, who is currently on tour in Greece, moved her show in the western city of Ioannina 90 minutes ahead of schedule in order not to overlap with the match.

And a village in southern Greece even postponed for a day its traditional festival of celebration for its patron-saint.

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July 01, 2004

Where's my poutine?

Happy Canada Day! Bonne fête du Canada!

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