October 18, 2004

Be vewy, vewy qwiet ...

My obsession with kangaroos has been discussed before, so I won't get into it again in any detail here.  :)  Suffice it to say that we've posted a heap of new photos, including a lot of kangaroos. And these are the sorts of ridiculous things I did to get close enough for that perfect shot.

Photo Credit: Guest Photographer

So without further ado, here's what's new at koalatree:

  • Mossman Gorge [photos], Daintree Rainforest, Queensland: After meeting up with Miriam's parents and exploring the Great Barrier Reef, we all spent a few days in and around Queensland rainforests. Although we didn't have Uncle Brian with us, Mossman Gorge was still pretty great.

  • Canberra [photos], Australian Capital Territory (ACT): We lived in Canberra for about two months. You'll be able to tell from the small number of photos that (a) we were very busy and did a lot of work while in Canberra and (b) when we weren't that busy, we fled to Sydney as quickly as possible. Canberra's not quite as bad as it's reputation, but ... maybe it was the fact that the cafes all closed at, like, 3pm; maybe it was the fact that the transit system made OC Transpo look like the Paris Metro; or maybe it was that sinking feeling that would set in around four or five in the afternoon every Saturday when you were hit with the full meaning of this:
    Canberra rates as the safest city in Australia, with about one person murdered each year per 300,000 inhabitants. Some may say that person is the lucky one.

    -- Sydney Morning Herald (4/3/97)

    No matter what the case, Canberra is no Sydney or Melbourne. It is no Washington D.C., either, despite the original city planner's best efforts. What can you do?! It does have some nice museums, though, and there are kangaroos nearby ...

  • Namadgi National Park [photos]: This is a national park just south of Canberra. We visited with Miriam's parents. Namadgi had the highest "k/km²" (kangaroos per square kilometre) of any place we visited. Hence "the big lens" and the "crouching and sneaking" about.

Thanks to Miriam's dad for the photos of me stalking - with only the best intentions, of course - kangaroos.

Posted by anatole at October 18, 2004 03:21 PM

I have the same photo of that tree at Mossman Gorge!

Posted by: Lana at October 18, 2004 10:40 PM
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