May 15, 2004

On the Move

Hello any faithful readers still checking after the recent posting drought.

For the time between living in Melbourne and living in Canberra, we planned a couple of trips, which have been great fun but not great for web access. After New Zealand, we spent a week in Tasmania. Highlights include walking through a big snowstorm in May and meeting some people who lived in a tree for a couple of years (more on that later, with pictures!). Now we're in Sydney for one day before we fly up to Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef. This time I have my camera with me (and more importantly for you, Anatole has his digital camera with him), so you may even get to see some Sydney pictures.

In other news, we managed to beat our Melbourne record of finding and moving into an apartment in 5 days. In Canberra it only took 3 days. We are now the proud and happy residents of a house near ANU, sharing with a girl who's a student and a guy who works for the environment ministry (sound familiar?). Our roommates are extremely nice and friendly, and the house is beautiful - it even has 2 hammocks in the backyard!

When we get back from this trip, we'll be settled into Canberra for the next two months, so you can expect more postings and pictures soon - really! :)

Posted by miriam at May 15, 2004 11:59 AM

Did you find Nemo up there? Seriously, the way our boat anchored 20 feet from "Nemo" made me wonder whether they had a homing device on that creature. I hope you get out of Cairns and a little farther up the coast!!

Posted by: Lana at May 28, 2004 05:53 AM