April 07, 2004

Gone Tramping

In case you're wondering why the Koala Tree has been so quiet, we're in New Zealand. We're on an ambitious two/three-week, breakneck-speed itinerary that includes both islands, a whole lot of cities, and four "tramps" (a.k.a. hikes a.k.a. bushwalks a.k.a. etc.):

  • Kepler Track (a four-day Fiordland tramp that I completed a week ago before Miriam joined me in NZ);
  • Tongariro Crossing (a very rigorous North Island volcano-setting hike that we did together two days ago);
  • Routeburn Track (a three-day South Island alpine trek that we start tomorrow morning);
  • and Banks Peninsula Track (a two-day pastoral & coastal walk on the East coast near Christchurch starting on the 14th).

So instead of writing blog entries, sadly, we're trying to stay alive in the mountains. (Just joking any parents who might be reading this! :)

We miss you all and will blog copiously upon our return to Melbourne on the 19th of April (photos included, of course -- we're trying to overcome our nature-over-cities bias, but it's hard to do with NZ's scenery!).

Posted by anatole at April 7, 2004 08:44 PM

I wondered what you two were up to! "No good can come of this..." I said to myself, I did. ;)

Glad to hear you are having further adventures, and eagerly anticipating the photos you'll no doubt be putting up.

*Lives vicariously through you.*

Posted by: Tyla at April 8, 2004 01:23 AM

So wait, which part of April 19th was yesterday? Answer: All of it! You're late, you curmudgeonly kiwis, and we'll have none of it.

Or, actually, we'd like all of it. Show us the pretty picures!

Hoping your livers weren't picked out by keas.

Posted by: George at April 21, 2004 09:32 AM