March 18, 2004

I am work. Hear me roar.

So we've been a little remiss in posting new content of late. The work element of our stay in Australia has increasingly, er, asserted itself, shall we say. With vigour.

We will, however, be posting some new stories and photos this weekend. Two weekends ago we spent a day in the Dandenong Ranges -- about an hour outside of Melbourne (by public transit!) -- and saw and heard the elusive Superb Lyrebird (we'll even post audio for that one!). Then last weekend we went camping in Wilson's Promontory National Park, which everyone here had been raving about and insisting that we visit as soon as possible, and ideally even sooner than that.

So there's lots more coming, but it will take just a few more days as several deadlines loom large at the end of this week.

"I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by."
- Douglas Adams

Posted by anatole at March 18, 2004 03:09 AM

Yes, work is bad. I too have been struggling with it. Well, more with the recovery from it, and then the contemplation of it, rather than the actual doing of it. But it's all preventing me from sending Anatole long emails, so that's annoying. Maybe in a week or so, or whenever I snap and need to procrastinate.


The Elusive and Superb George

Posted by: George at March 19, 2004 06:26 AM

Oh wait... am I screwed now? I clicked "Remember personal info" and now my email address shows up as a "Mailto:" link in the Comments section. Am I going to be spammed up the Superb Wazoo?

Hmmm, and there I was thinking this blog software was so clever, hiding people's emails and so on.

The sup. G.

Posted by: George at March 19, 2004 06:29 AM

I deleted your e-mail address from your comments, George.

Looking forward to your long (and no doubt superb) e-mails. :)


Posted by: Anatole at March 19, 2004 11:36 AM

Hi MirAtole - In case your avid readers can't wait to hear the superb Superb Lyrebird, and want to hear one imitating, among other things, a chain saw and a camera motor drive, check out:
We follow your travels avidly. Keep the pictures coming.

Posted by: EP at March 19, 2004 12:32 PM

Thank ye kindly, Anatole!

Posted by: The Superb Anonimity at March 19, 2004 03:45 PM