October 28, 2004

Last Stop, Hawaii

Our final trip was a four-day stopover in Hawaii on our way back home. We didn't have enough time, and were too tired out, to travel around much. So we just stayed in and around Honolulu, which was actually quite relaxing for a change. We stayed in Waikiki Beach and had a good time catching some local waves and nightlife.

We also snorkelled at Hanauma Bay and wandered around downtown Honolulu. We had a great time, but we were counting the days until we were back home!

Hawaii pictures are posted here.

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October 24, 2004

Into the Red Centre

Our last Australian trip before heading back to Canada was into the Central Australian outback, also known as the "Red Centre." Unfortunately we only had 5 days including travel time, but we managed to squeeze a fair bit in.

To start with the obvious, the Red Centre is indeed red. The big famous rock, the desert dirt, the sand dunes, and even the kangaroos are all red.

But there's also more green than I thought there would be. When you're driving through the outback, you're surrounded by flat plains covered in different kinds of desert scrub and trees. The sky is huge and bright blue, and you can even spot the odd camel! (They were brought to Australia as work animals in the 19th century).

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October 23, 2004

In and around Sydney

We've posted a second batch of photos from Sydney. We spent a couple more short weekend stints there, including one in the Manly beach neighbourhood courtesy of my friend Ben from grad school (thanks again, Ben!).

For my birthday, Miriam surprised me with a trip to a lovely B&B in the Blue Mountains, a national park and world heritage area just two hours from Sydney -- by commuter train! We had officially given up on squeezing the Blue Mountains into our trip because of all the packing we had to do, but Miriam had been secretly plotting and managed to twist the proverbial rubber arm of yours truly to cut the packing short.

The Blue Mountains get their name from the oily blue mist given off by the forests of eucalyptus that carpet their slopes. And they were pretty blue -- very cool.

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